The main use of this application is to locate the comet Ison 2012 S1. You can also use the application to identify planets in the sky. A secondary use is the creation of landscapes to be used with Stellarium.

A brief note: This application is extremely easy to use, but it has been also really difficult to program. As I am an amateur developer, please, consider my circunstances and read this help, before any evaluation. Thanks.

In most cases, the application doesn't need to use any option. Move your mobile phone in the direction of the arrow to locate the comet. The arrow dissappears when the (virtual) comet is in the screen. Then, the real comet should be in the same direction.

You can also take a look around the sky dome to locate any interesting object or to identify a brighting object in the sky. That's all.

More Help

You may need to use specific program options in special circunstances.
  • Your GPS or mobile network didn't detect your location
  • You want to know celestial coordinates of the comet
  • You want to draw the horizon shape of your location, to ease the location of the comet
  • You need to read this page.
  • In specific mobile models, tha application needs to be tuned:
    • To reduce CPU usage
    • To rotate the camera view
    • To calibrate the mobile sensors